Are you seeking a career as a writer, but struggling with obtaining legitimate writing assignments? As a writer, landing some writing jobs from home requires more than savvy interview skills. Many employers are seeking someone with a developed content portfolio. This article offers three simple ways for you to obtain that desirable at-home writing job.

writing jobs from home

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Today, performing work from home is as simple as executing a Google search and signing up on a website. The following are tried and true venues for generating freelance writing jobs and assignments from home, or wherever an internet connection is achieved:

Writing Jobs from Home – 3 Credible Sources


One source for landing a writing jobs from home is freelancer. Freelance writing comes in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. On Freelancer, members bid on jobs. However, having the lowest bid does not guarantee you’ll be hired. Potential employers can evaluate bidders based upon site experience (assignments completed), reviews, and certification level.

For a nominal fee, users can test for various levels of certification (like US English, Academic Writing, or Blogging) in the Skill Lab, which enables one to offer credibility toclaimed skills.

Additionally, the base membership is free, but users also have the ability to pay for various membership levels (as much as $60/month), which grant them greater access to available writing tasks (more credits to place more bids) and higher visibility.

The drawback: For the budgeted writer, this website can require an investment of both time and money, and the ability to be outbid by international writers willing to perform more work for less can be demoralizing.


Another credible source for home writing jobs is Upworks. Formerly known as oDesk, this freelance website offers the same bid-for-work platform as Freelancer, without the out-of-pocket expense. Each member can set their preferred hourly pay, and have the ability to maintain a portfolio for potential employers to view.

Aspiring freelance writers can test their skills, free of charge, in numerous categories. Test scores are ranked by percentile (i.e. Top 10%) of all test takers, and can be displayed on the member’s profile if desired.

Due to the low cost, UpWork generates a greater level of bidders, and a higher level of traffic. It is a very competitive freelance environment, but once you have a few successfully content jobs under your belt, finding work becomes easier.


Fiverr’s hook is $5 jobs, and they are plentiful. After signing up, users can create “Gigs,” or tasks, that are performedfor $5 increments. For the work-from-home writer, this site offers the easiest way for assignments to generate assignments.

As a recommendation, be willing to perform more for less initially (i.e. write a 2500 word short story, or a 1500 word blog, for $5). This will allow you to easily land your first few writing jobs. As you build a client base and positive reviews, your workload will increase, and you will be able to begin raising your rates—by lowering the written word count per assignment.

Finding a writing job has never been easier! These sites (and many more) facilitate our ability to build a credible writing portfolio, earn money, and build a client base—all from home!



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