What is Content Writing?

You heard about copywriting.

Then you Google search for the definition. And all the definitions seem to mention a person who writes content.

what is content marketing

You are curious just like me, and wants to know what content writing really is.

When you google ‘what is content writing’; all the search results tell you is how to write content. Sadly, there is no real definition given for content writing. Which brings us here, what really is content writing?

Content writing is more than scribbling your grocery list on a piece of paper. Content writing entails research. It is text written with audience targeted language and information.

More importantly, it is about writing engaging content! So, in essence, content writing is the writing of content. That is, content which is attractive to readers.

When we speak of content writing; we speak of

  • Webpage content, publication articles in magazines and newspapers
  • Audience specific language minus technical terminology
  • Words attractively infused with colourful images, amusing stories and descriptions
  • Audience specific tone be it formal or informal
  • Thought provoking facts mixed opinions and ideas of the writer
  • Entertaining headlines followed by interesting presentation of details

Therefore content writing consists of many dynamic elements. All these elements are probably the reason content writing is so hard to box into a definition.

What makes Content Writing Unique?

You may never open a book and see content of this nature written. But, content writing is all around you.

The magazine page you skimmed, but didn’t read.

That billboard you just drove past.

The web article you started and didn’t finish reading.

Look around you, content writing is embedded in every marketing text you will ever come across.

We all love a good expository or persuasive piece! Interestingly you may never leisurely read one, if not for content writing.

Now that’s what makes content writing different! It is a form of writing that leads you to other things.

Leads you to click and discover and keep reading. Even possibly finish a web article just out of intrigue and curiosity.

So, what does content writing consist of?

  • Eye-catching headlines
  • The usual introduction, main body and conclusion
  • Connective topic sentences
  • Short word count
  • Text filled with keywords, CSS formatting and HTML coding
  • Emotive language and strong call to action phrases

What makes Content Writing Similar to Other Forms of Writing?

Well, other than the fact that content writing is the writing of content. It syncs with the other forms of writing because the aim is same.

Engage the audience of readers!

Authors want their books to fly off the shelves.  Content writers want their stories read and shared on social media.

Website hosts want high intensity of traffic to their webpages. Therefore, it is all primed to get the readers’ attention.

Every good writer asks five questions before they start writing and before they crave their blank paged canvas with words. No matter the form or genre of writing. They ask:

What – is the aim of the article?

To inspire, advice, inform, persuade, etc?

Where – is the place of publication?

In a magazine or on a webpage

Who – is the intended reader?

A specific group such as scientists, teenagers or the general public

Why – is the article being written?

As a form of sales copy, for the purpose of affiliate marketing, etc?

When – is the article being published?

Will new trends become popular by that time?


Therefore in the simplest of terms, content writing is enticing content laced with marketing strategies.












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